How much does it cost to raise a house foundation?

Whether you are raising your home because of flood damage or you just want to add some space below the house, you have to consider all the things & keynotes while deciding to do so. Protecting your assets in case of flooding is the most important task. You can hire some flooding services also for providing the assistance to your home raising work.

Today number of persons are raising their house to avoid flood damage or to add some space below the house. It is not really cheap to finalize this project because there are plenty of factors to consider. Let us see the factors responsible for increasing the cost of raising a house.

House Lifting Cost

Size of House

The first factor is the size of the house to be lifted. The more it weights the more cost will have to bear to yourself & even the more complex the process becomes. There are only a few companies who really do this task of weighing your house because other companies only can give a rough estimate according to your square foot area.

Number of Floors

This is a directly affecting factor to the weight of your house. Your number of floors is directly proportional to the weight of your home. As such, a two-floor building will cost you more that lifting a single floor building.

Condition of your house

If your home is near the area of flood then there are plenty of chances that your bottom floor had been affected. It can be below your home or within the foundation or any other place. Raising a floor affected house is amost complicated process, you have to be careful enough to make sure that house will not be damaged.

Current status of foundation

If you made a choice to raise your home just because your foundation is damaged, then it may be due to some poor soil or the ground movements are frequent.

Apart from this if you are not in a mood of moving your foundation then you will be in a need of new foundation with strong concrete made piers, cost of these concretes may be varied according to the size of your home. In themarket, helical shape piers are much cheaper than the concrete ones. So if is affordable to choose helical piers.


It is the most vital element in securing the cost of raising your home. Taking the right decision at the right time to raise your home will definitely be cheaper than the worst case scenario. There are certain companies who charge more for the emergency services. In a very short notice, you will have to hire a team of experts & all this can cost you more.

Permits and labor cost

You have to show a legal permit while assigning your work to the team of experts to raise your home. Their prices may vary according to the square area & age of your home. You have to do all the paperwork and follow the procedures.

Along with this, you have to consider the labor cost associated with the project of lifting your home. To be on thesafer side in terms of cost you should collect the 3-4 quota’s from multiple companies. Also, some projects need professionals like engineers & architects, you have to consider their cost also.

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