House Raising Projects in New Jersey: W.A. Building Movers & Contractors Inc.

WA. Building Movers & Contractors Inc. is long established as a full service General Construction Company. In past decades, we have built residential and commercial structures, including renovations to schools, institutional structures and commercial complexes etc. Our knowledge gained through building has paved the way to save structures from demolition and flood risk, while providing alternative ways to repair failed foundations in unstable soils and lift homes to new heights to meet Federal and State regulations.

1):The L shaped structure was moved back on the property to make way for a new street.12.jpg


2):This dwelling was elevated in place to create a tall, full basement and to alleviate flood problems.


W.A. Building Movers has the necessary coverage, equipment and extensive experience for any house lift. Check out our portfolio for some of our recent and highlighted projects.For more on how to choose the best company for house Raising in New Jersey,

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