Flood Mitigation Services in New Jersey, New York


W.A. Building Movers has been in the forefront of the extensive workload helping families to get their homes lifted to new elevations to prevent future flooding and reduce insurance premiums. Since 2013, W.A. Building Movers has lifted over 1100 homes and is still going strong to help the recovery process and restore the Jersey Shore.

We have the capabilities to install piles of wood, steel and concrete to establish a lasting base for the existing structure to rest upon. Our pile driving operation also allows us to enter into low overhead and tight areas for pile installation.

Business objectives:

  • Provide a safe affordable home lifting experience
  • Create the most experienced team and network of subcontractors to provide a one-stop shop for all inclusive house lifting.
  • To reduce customers long term risk of flooding Services.

Live projects


With a new development looming the Historical Society worked hand in hand to save this mid 1700’s structure that once served the community as the Children’s Specialized Hospital. The structure was moved a mile away to a new site where it has since been restored.



323.1.pngThis 155’ long structure was decimated during Hurricane Sandy. W.A. safely lifted the structure to its new elevation to limit future flooding Services and reduce the insurance impact on the homeowner. W.A. Building Movers has completed over 1,100 lifts since Hurricane Sandy and decades of lifts prior to the storm that can be seen on our website www.wabuildingmovers.com.



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