Foundation Leveling – New Jersey

Over time your home’s foundation can begin to fail. There are numerous reasons that this is caused by including excess moisture, soil issues, a foundation that was not designed to support your homes weight effectively, and more. Your homes entire weight sits on its foundation, so it is very important that it’s solid, or it could sink or sag. Both interior and exterior damage can occur and become increasingly serious. If your home has cracks, doors and windows are sticking, gaps between the walls and the ceiling or floor, or if the home seems to be sinking or sagging, you may need to have your home leveled.

Each home is different and there are different ways to have a home leveled. If your home has a pier and beam foundation with dirt crawl space it will be a lot easier to level since it is much easier to access.  A few methods that are used with pier and beam foundations include:

●     Installing new piers along with a new concrete base and heavy duty steel or block supports.

●     Leveling the girders and joists beneath the home with jacks.

●     Sistering” fresh, high quality lumber to any damaged or rotted joists and girders.

●     Using steel I-beams to retrofit any damaged beams.

●     Reshimming

If your home sits on a slab your home can be leveled by:

●     Helical Piers

●     Drilled Bell Piers

●     Concrete Pilings and Piers

●     Resistance or Steel Push Piers

●     Mudjacking

Of course always getting down to the root of the problem is imperative, so that the problem doesn’t occur again. If you have foundation issues due to moisture related issues you need to find the leaks and potentially have to install a new water drainage system. In some cases, your home’s foundation just wasn’t adequate to hold the weight of your home. Working with the right company will help you ensure your home is safe and stable in the future. If you’re in New Jersey this may be an issue for your home and W.A. Building Movers has a foundation support New Jersey, New York, Connecticut or Pennsylvania,!

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