Preparing for a House Lift

W.A. Building Movers & Contractors Inc. offers services such as house lifting, house moving, foundation leveling, underile installation. We operate in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Considering the regions we serve, since super storm Sandy, our #1 most requested service is house lifting.


In order to provide useful information to homeowners just starting out with their house lifting project, we’ve put together a few videos and articles of what to expect before, during and after a house lift. Read below or watch the video to learn more about how to prepare for a house lift.

“The first step here is you have to talk with your local and town officials. Tell them what you’re going to do, see the requirements see the steps that you’re going to put in place where you be able to provide the necessary items to be able to be basically approved to lift your home.

The next step is to visit with an architect get a set of drawings prepared to go to present the new foundation, new stairs and new utilities – basically every item you’re going to need for your house to be able to elevate it and also meet the new FEMA guidelines just prevent future flooding.

Once you have that in place you also will be contacting utility companies, you do have to have all utilities shut off including gas, electric, sewer and water. This can be a very long part of the process as some of the companies will letter that’s going to be needed to put into the town to be able to be approved to shut off your, basically shut off utilities and have your permits approved.

Once the permits approved we will be meeting with the homeowner/contractor whoever is going to be running the show out there to be able to go over the prep that’s going to be needed prior to lifting the home. That can be as simple as clearing a crawlspace, removing items in a garage clearing landscape that’s in front, detaching the home from the foundation, removing stairs or just a number of items.

Once those items are completed we can now come on site and do our preparation to lift the home.


For more information or questions feel free to contact us at or call our office at 908-654-8227. We look forward to hearing from you.

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